Unofficial Android 2.1 for Motorola Cliq sneaks out

Rumored for an August release, an Android 2.1 build for the Motorola Cliq has arrived online.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
Motorola Cliq running an Android version 2.1 ROM.
Motorola Cliq running an Android version 2.1 ROM. Engadget Mobile

The last we heard, Motorola was still testing its Android 2.1 operating system upgrade for the T-Mobile Cliq. Originally scheduled to be released last quarter, Motorola pushed the update back to a rumored August debut. So with July passing quickly, it makes sense then that a leaked version of the ROM has made its way online.

Engadget Mobile loaded the ROM onto itsown Cliq to give it a run through. According to the blog, the phone runs a bit snappier than it did before the update, even with its 528MHz processor. Apps such as Google Maps and the Web browser run "surprisingly smoothly," which give the phone gets a new lease on life.

The ROM includes Motorola's updated MotoBlur user interface with an enhanced desktop experience that includes widgets that can be resized. However, it's not all roses and unicorns as live wallpapers and pinch-to-zoom support are nowhere to be found in the update. It's very possible that wallpapers were left off due to hardware restrictions.

As Engadget points out, this looks to be an official build, although it does have a few glitches. With a few weeks to go before this likely hits the masses, there's plenty of time for Motorola to address any technical issues. Look for the company to iron out any sticking points before the final release.

It should be noted that while the ROM is available to the public, it is somewhat buggy and requires you to have root level access to the phone.