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Under Armour, Dwayne Johnson's latest team-up is new Project Rock wireless earbuds

The Rock's got a new pair of buds aimed to take on Apple's AirPods and Beats' Powerbeats Pro.

Dwayne Johnson's latest Project Rock product is $199 wireless earbuds. 
Under Armour

Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour aren't done with audio just yet. 

After launching the $249 over-the-ear UA Sport Wireless Project Rock Edition headphones last year, Johnson (aka The Rock) is partnering with the apparel brand once again for a new pair of buds. Called the (equally lengthy) UA True Wireless Flash Project Rock Edition, the alliance has added wireless earbuds to their now-growing line of "Project Rock" audio products. 

Available on June 7 for $199, the new Bluetooth earbuds are IPX7-rated water and sweat resistant and have 5 hours of battery life with an additional 20 hours of recharge available in the charging carrying case (charged via Micro-USB). As with the headphones, JBL has been brought on to help with the audio quality. 

Like the headphones, the earbuds have a "talk-thru" feature designed to allow the music to be lowered so the wearer can better hear their surroundings while at the gym. 

Johnson has been teasing the new headphones to his 145 million Instagram followers, leading up to their official introduction this week, hyping the earbuds as "cocaine in the ears" in a video that has been viewed over 16.5 million times.  

In a video posted Friday, Johnson said the earbuds already became "Under Armour's no. 1 seller worldwide" within hours of their Thursday launch. 

The new earbuds are the latest true wireless buds to join an increasingly crowded market dominated by Apple's AirPods. In addition to AirPods, Apple recently added Beats' $250 Powerbeats Pro to its lineup of wireless buds, designed for the same workout crowd Under Armour and Johnson are targeting.