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'Ultrasecure' metal phone to launch December 18

The Turing phone, which promises total hacker protection, goes on pre-order in September and ships in time for the holidays.

CNET went hands-on with the Turing phone. Josh Miller/CNET

Turing Robotic Industries isn't the first company to attempt to build a super secure smartphone that will keep even the most agile hackers out, but it's determined to try.

On Thursday, the California-based company announced that three variations of its Turing Phone will ship on December 18, with pre-orders beginning September 24 for two special-edition models.

Turing has named Foxconn, which also makes Apple's iPhones among other brands, as its manufacturer.

Turing Robotic Industries is just one phone brand of many new upstarts that are trying to break into the punishing world of smartphone sales, amid a general slowdown in the industry. Focusing on security is one way the brand hopes to differentiate itself from better-known mainstream companies like Samsung and LG, and in doing so gain a community following.

In addition to its base model, the cost of which ranges from $610 for the 16GB model to $870 for the 128GB version, Turing is adding two more. The 128GB Dark Wyvern edition will retail for $1,000, while the 128GB Dark Wyvern Glaedr will sell for $1,300; Turing will make 3,000 units of the latter.

It isn't immediately clear what the differences are between these models, but CNET does have specs and hands-on impressions of the Turing Phone here .