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U.S. Cellular offering new $69.99 data plan

U.S. Cellular introduces a new 5GB data plan for $69.99 a month.

A month after announcing a customer loyalty program called the Belief Project, U.S. Cellular has found another way to reward subscribers: a new data plan that costs $69.99 a month for 5GB of data with unlimited messaging and free GPS navigation.

The plan includes 450 voice minutes with free incoming calls, free nights and weekends, and free mobile-to-mobile calls. The plan is called Primary Plus and is designed for those new to smartphones as well as data-hungry customers.

If you prefer a family plan, U.S. Cellular offers two: the Essential Plus Family Plan that offers two lines for $139.99 a month (1,500 minutes, unlimited messaging, 5GB of data), and Premium Plus Family (two lines with unlimited minutes and messaging, 5GB of data, phone replacement, and GPS) for $179.99 a month. For more on the Belief Project, check out our earlier post about it.