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U.S. Cellular gets into the 'Home Phone' biz for $20 a month

The wireless carrier follows in the footsteps of rival providers by bringing cellular service to wired phones.

U.S. Cellular logo

U.S. Cellular is the latest wireless service provider to make the jump into your home.

On Friday, the carrier unveiled its U.S. Cellular Home Phone service, which goes on sale in retail stores on June 7 and online a couple of weeks later on June 20.

Similar to its wireless plan for cell phones, this new $19.99 monthly home phone service gives customers unlimited nationwide calling over your landline phone, as well as the standard calling features of voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting.

The carrier also throws in call forwarding and three-way calling.

If you're lacking a landline, U.S. Cellular sweetens the deal by selling you one in-store for a penny and your signature on a new two-year agreement.

Just be sure to read the fine print; the usual $35 device activation fee and $150 early termination fee will likely apply.

If you do have a landline, U.S. Cellular won't make you ditch it to switch services, and you'll be able to group both home and cell phone charges to the same bill.

There's a bit of hardware needed to make the transition; namely, the Home Phone station into which you plug your corded or cordless phone, an antenna, and a battery pack. You'll be able to power two phones from a single device.