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Twitter will let you subscribe to conversations you're interested in

No need to join the conversation to get pinged about new tweets.

SOPA Images / Getty Images

Twitter is working on a feature that'll let you subscribe to conversations on its platform.

Users will be able to indicate they want notifications about new tweets without joining a conversation, tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted on Friday. An accompanying screenshot shows that users can subscribe by clicking on a bell in the upper right-hand corner of a tweet.  

"Twitter is testing 'Subscribe to conversation' so you can get notified over a conversation without liking or replying," Wong's tweet reads.

Twitter responded to Wong's tweet, saying the feature is "part of our work to make Twitter more conversational."

The company said it's developing the feature internally and isn't currently testing it publicly. 

Earlier this week, Twitter launched a prototype app called "twttr" that lets certain users test new features and provide feedback. The social network has said it's aiming to make conversations easier to find and follow. It's been exploring ideas such as adding color to and creating a new design for replies so conversations appear more "chat-like."

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