Twitter begins testing its Clubhouse alternative on Android

The beta for the voice feature continues to grow.

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Oscar Gonzalez

More users will be able to chat it up on Spaces. 

Angela Lang/CNET

Twitter said Tuesday it's expanding beta testing of its new audio chat room feature Spaces to include devices running Android. Twitter's competitor to the invite-only Clubhouse app has been in beta testing since late last year, but only with a small number of users on iPhones.

The Android beta test for Twitter Spaces started Tuesday, according to a tweet from the company. Twitter users who are invited to join a room, also known as a Space, will see a purple aura in their fleetline to join. They won't be able to create their own rooms as of yet, according to the tweet, but the company says that option will come soon. 

"Audio adds an additional layer of connection to the public conversation. Musicians and authors have used it to bring their works to life, while other people used audio to tell stories, share emotion, and be their true, funny selves," Twitter said in December. "We also know that people want to feel comfortable and in control when having conversations on Twitter."

Twitter has yet to provide a date on when the feature will be available to all users.