Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Game Boy for $50

Itching for a Nintendo Game Boy Classic? This fully functional holster for Android devices might be the next best thing.

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Ry Crist
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The Hyperkin SmartBoy.


All aboard the Nintendo nostalgia train -- next stop, your Android phone.

That's the plan from Hyperkin, anyway, which will soon start shipping out the SmartBoy Mobile Device attachment for $50. Slide your Android device inside and download Hyperkin's app, and you'll have effectively transformed your phone into a modern day remake of Nintendo's popular handheld gaming device, the Game Boy.

The SmartBoy is compatible with a number of Android-supported Game Boy emulators, and even supports any physical Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridges you've been hanging onto all these years. Hyperkin says that it's also compatible with Game Boy Advanced apps from Google Play.

Hyperkin originally pitched the SmartBoy as an accessory for the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2015. Plans for that product appear to have been scrapped, but now, with the wildly successful NES Classic already long sold out and the hotly anticipated SNES Classic coming soon, the timing seems pretty smart for a revival of the idea -- for Android users, at least (not that I'm bitter).

The SmartBoy is available for preorder now, and Hyperkin expects to ship it out by August 21. It was designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 line, but Hyperkin says that it's also compatible with the following devices: