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Turbocharge your iPhone camera: Four great photo apps

The iPhone camera is a bit rubbish, isn't it? A quick trip to the iTtunes app store will set that right, with OldBooth, Tiltshift, ShoZu and Seadragon making image magic

Everybody knows the camera on the iPhone is a bit rubbish. It's a 2-megapixel snapper that doesn't even do video. And don't get us started on the media messaging thing! But the strength of the iPhone -- besides its sleek styling, seamless software integration and glorious user interface -- is the range of applications you can add to your phone. There's even a fistful of photo apps, which Crave is proud to present for your edification on the next few pages -- along with some alternatives if you're not feeling the iPhone love.

If you've spent much time on Facebook lately you'll have come across the meme of people retrofying their profile pics. If you want to look like you've just been awarded 'Most Likely To Buy an Overpriced Albeit Exquisitely Designed Mobile Phone in 30 Years Time' in a 1970s school yearbook, complete with Dazed and Confused-style barnet, download OldBooth. You can also choose taste-free options from other eras, and there's even secret looks to unlock. It's £1.79 in the iTunes Store.

But I'm not a skinny-trewed scenester and I don't have an iPhone! Not to worry, you can replicate the effect on your computumator with YearbookYourself.

Tilt-shift lenses make the subjects of your images look as if they are teeny-tiny, which is always fun. You can get the effect on your iPhone or iPod touch with TiltShift.

TiltShift is £1.19 in the iTunes Store.

But I actually like Windows Mobile! Then learn Photoshop, friend. Or if that sounds too much like work, just rock out to Metal Heart, a tilt-shift video so awesome we want to take it to Vegas, get it drunk and marry it.

Remember Photosynth, Microsoft's swooshy-zoomy 3D photo browser? If you liked that -- and who wouldn't? -- you'll love Seadragon, which allows you to browse huge numbers of images and even use Photosynth itself.

There's only one thing we like better than stunning photo applications, and that's free stunning photo applications. Seadragon is gratis from the iTunes Store.

But I don't own any black polo-necks, let alone an iPhone! Ask yourself if your mind has been blown today. Then check out Photosynth. Warning: may blow your mind.

So you can't send media messages from the iPhone. But who needs MMS? ShoZu ('shows you', see what they did there?) turbocharges your sharing, allowing you to send pictures to -- deep breath -- Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Qipit, Typepad, Wordpress, and loads more. You can even tag your photos and blog about them as you upload.

Grab ShoZu from the iTunes Store for nowt.

But I'm Ian Morris! I like buttons! Don't worry Ian, just because you hate Apple doesn't mean you'll miss out on the ShoZu fun. Head for the ShoZu site, which lists all the many, many phones supported.