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Tumblr rolls out its newfangled Android app

Complete with a redesigned interface and a "post anything" screen, Tumblr aims to make its mobile app clean and easy to use.

Tumblr rolls out its redesigned Android app. Tumblr

Tumblr launched its redesigned Android mobile app today, making some major upgrades over its last version.

"Tumblr for Android just got a total face-lift," the company wrote in a blog post today. "We've completely redesigned the interface, added fancy post animations, made images pop, and a whole lot more."

The app, which is available on Google Play, has an entirely new "post anything" screen that lets users share photos, videos, quotes, chats, links, and text with one tap. The intuitive interface also gives users the option of advanced controls like saving drafts, queuing posts, and customizing tweets.

As with the last iteration of the app, multiple blogs can be managed from this one application.

It was about this time last year that Tumblr last did a major update to its Android app. And it rolled out an iOS overhaul a couple of months later, which could be an indication that the site's iPhone and iPad apps will also be getting an update in the next few months.

So far, user reviews reveal that people are pretty pleased with Tumblr's new Android update. However, there have been some complaints of slow loading time for photos and issues getting gifs to load and animate.