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Trio of Motorola Android handsets headed to Canada

Motorola recently announced that three of its MotoBlur smartphones will be arriving in the first half of 2010.

From left, the Moto Dext, Quench and Backflip
Motorola Canada

Canadian Google Android fans got more good news this week when Motorola announced a trio of handsets were headed north of the border. The three phones--the Quench (known as the Cliq XT south of the border), Backflip, and Dext (aka the Cliq in the U.S.)--each run Motorola's Motoblur user interface on top of Android. The smartphones are scheduled to arrive sometime within the first half of this year.

Though we don't know which carriers will get the handsets, three major Canadian service providers, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, are mentioned in the official press release.

Between this and other announcements, things are definitely starting to pick up in terms of Android in Canada. Be sure to check back with Android Atlas in the future as we learn which carriers will be offering these handsets and what their respective prices are.