Track business executives' tweets with ExecTweets

Good news for Twitter users and aspiring CEOs alike: The free ExecTweets app brings to your iPhone the daily brain droppings of nearly 100 business bigwigs.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida

ExecTweets brings the Twitter feeds of industry's best and brightest to your iPhone.

Are you trying to climb the corporate ladder? Hard work helps, but it couldn't hurt to have some insight from those who have reached the top. ExecTweets for iPhone aggregates the Twitter feeds of nearly 100 top executives.

Those execs include top brass from companies such as Best Buy, Digg, Microsoft, and Zappos. Following them nets you nuggets of business wisdom, links to stories they consider important, random thoughts (this is Twitter, after all), and even notable quotables (not sure why, but execs are really into quoting).

The application makes it a snap to browse the tweets, with separate views for All, Featured, and Most Popular. You can also peruse "hot topics" (which lets you sort by selected keywords) and browse broad categories like government, health care, and technology.

Best of all, you can tap any tweet to open its accompanying URL, retweet it, send a reply, or share it via e-mail.

Even though I'm not in sales, management, or anything like that, I have to admit I find this stuff really fascinating. I feel like Bud Fox hanging out with a hundred Gordon Gekkos, digesting priceless pearls of business advice.

ExecTweets is free. It says it's compatible only with the iPhone, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work on an iPod Touch. Does anyone care to confirm? At the moment it's compatible only with the iPhone, but an ExecTweets exec I spoke with said an iPod Touch-compatible update is imminent.