Touchstone Charger, Does It Really Work?

The hype is all around the Pre and the Touchstone charger, everyone talks about how great it works and this and that. This is a in depth look at the Touchstone charger.

Matthew Lutker
2 min read
Picture Of The Docking Station Matthew Lutker
The Touchstone charger is great in theory and a nice little take a look at what my Pre can do Iphone type of moment hahaha. but the question is does it actually work effectively? Thanks to my buddy at Best Buy for getting me the Touchstone charger so I could do a review for you all. I got as much light in the room as possible so sorry about the darker image on the video but you can still make it out without strain. Through some testing it was clear as day to see that the Touchstone charger took about 45 minutes longer to charge than straight usb. This is a bummer since you don't want to be waiting forever to charge your device. The reason that I will still be using is because it's wireless, great for having on my beds headboard, and makes turning off alarms easier in the morning. (not sure if the alarm thing is good though) Below is a video of it in action with some of the features explained a little more To make it quick for those that don't have access to videos here's a quick sum-up of the video review. There are two different kits for the Touchstone, you have the basic one which includes the docking station and the battery cover for the device. Than there is a 89.99 version that also includes new outlet plug and usb cord. The docking station has a very interesting feeling grip on the bottom, through some research I found out that they designed it after the gecko's paw so it could be placed anywhere without fear of falling. The reason for the battery cover involves a little science, the science of magnets. The new battery cover has a matte black finish with a rubbery, grippy feel, on the inside of the battery cover you will find four circles which are actually magnets. These magnets are attracted to the one in the docking station holding the phone in place. The whole wireless feature is a plus, but if plugging in the usb doesn't bother you I personally would stay with that route since the touchstone charger does seem to charge the battery at a slower rate.

Picture Of The Docking Station Matthew Lutker
Picture On Dock (Level Surface) Matthew Lutker
Picture Of Station On Plexi Glass (Vertical) Matthew Lutker
Docking Station On Bedroom Wall Matthew Lutker