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Toshiba unveils TG01, jaws drop

Amongst the phones on show at this year's Mobile World Congress will be a touchscreen stunner from Toshiba set for release in the UK.

(Credit: Toshiba)

For phone-iacs and mobologists, the week leading up to Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of guessing, hoping and dreaming of the amazing new phones we will see at the show. While we had anticipated new touchscreens, new camera phones and a swag of Android-powered handsets, we didn't see this one coming.

According to our colleagues at CNET UK, Toshiba is gearing up to launch the TG01 in the UK later this year, with the official unveiling last Tuesday. The new smartphone will run Windows Mobile 6.1 and sports a custom touch-friendly UI. The handset will be completely touch-activated, with a massive 4.1-inch WVGA display, larger than the 3.8-inch screen on the HTC Touch HD.

More exciting still is the suggestion that the TG01 will run Qualcomm's latest 1GHz "Snapdragon" processor, making the TG01 nearly twice as fast as most of the popular smartphones in market at this time. Though we're not sure how Toshiba plans to fit the enormous battery needed to power this beast in its svelte 9.9mm frame.

The TG01 is also reported to support DivX video files and will feature a built-in GPS receiver for location-based services.

Toshiba has told CNET Australia that the TG01 won't be coming to Australia any time soon, but the company may reconsider if we asked really, really nicely. Tell us if you want a phone like the TG01 in the talkback below, or jump on the forums to have your say.