Tips for faster iPhone activation

Tips for faster iPhone activation

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Yesterday we noted significant issues with activating iPhones on the AT&T network and Appleâ??s authorization scheme through iTunes. While the vast majority of users experienced quick activation, some are still receiving the message "Your Activation Requires Additional Time to Complete," and not receiving successful notices; now almost two days after the device's initial release.

Disconnect temporarily Disconnecting the iPhone from the host system, waiting about a minute, then reconnecting the iPhone can re-trigger the activation process and result in successful activation. This may need to be done several times.

iPhone Atlas reader Larry Rogers, who experienced success with this fix, writes:

"I had trouble activating my iPhone.  I called AT&T and was instructed to disconnect my phone from my computer, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.  This 'restarted' the activation process or perhaps asked it to try again.  Anyway it did try again and on the 3rd try the 'Your Activation Requires Additional Time to Complete' changed to 'The activation is Complete' within seconds of the 3rd time plugging it in."

Restore iPhone Other readers have reported success with restoring the iPhone. This can be accomplished via the following process:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. In iTunes, select iPhone in the Source pane and click the Summary tab.
  2. Click Restore and follow the on-screen instructions. This will erase all custom data on your iPhone.

Reader Robert Ray writes:

"Had a problem with activation. All aspects of the phone worked except the telephone itself. No communication possible. [...] I did a reset. I used the restore function on the itunes iPhone page, and it downloaded the software and firmware upgrade. The phone reset, and activated immediately, within seconds, literally seconds, I got my activation email. The glitch was either in the software or firmware, and easily resolved. Once done, my backup restored all my previous settings, including my photo chosen wallpaper from a wall painting in my home."

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