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Thumbplay: Unlimited storage now, Facebook apps coming soon

Thumbplay jumps on the social networking bandwagon with unlimited storage for user-generated content. It's also planning two sweet-looking Facebook apps for uploading and sharing images between Thumbplay, Facebook, and your phone.

Thumbplay, a sales hub for mobile ringtones, videos, and games, will announce tomorrow at the CTIA conference in San Francisco, California, that it has also become a free database for user-generated content.

Thumbplay logo

Account-holders can upload and store media from either their cell phone or computer to their Thumbplay "locker." From there, they can send images and clips to friends via SMS or e-mail. Users can also download content from fellow Thumplay members for free, and grab code to affix the image on any personal Web page that accepts HTML embedding. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be a way to assimilate another user's contribution into your personal media gallery. UPDATE: They can, however, be stored in a separate folder for favorites.

Thumbplay will also reveal two upcoming Facebook apps, whose presence will complete the circle of what is essentially a free storage and sharing service with some social networking characteristics.

The first of these is Thumbplay Share, which will display photos from your personal locker and automatically update them when you add a new image to Photo Portal does the reverse, allowing users to send photos from Facebook albums to any cell phone.

The apps won't be publicly available until an unspecified date later this week, though Thumbplay's President and CEO, Are Traasdahl, stopped by CNET's San Francisco office to demonstrate. They look pretty effective so far, but more word on that when I get a chance to try them out in the wild.