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This Sailor Moon phone and selfie stick have us asking ka-WHY

Fighting evil by moonlight! Taking selfies by daylight! Never running from a real fight, this is the phone for Sailor Moon.

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Meitu's limited edition Sailor Moon M8 phone.


When you're journeying across the solar system with your best friends in a brave quest to protect the Legendary Silver Crystal, how will you take a selfie to capture the moment?

The Limited Edition Sailor Moon Mito M8 is the creation of Chinese brand Meitu, which rose to fame outside China for its beautifying camera app (and which later came under fire for collecting and selling app user data).

The Hello Kitty M8.


But rather than trying to control your phone calls through a camera app, Meitu has gone one better and released an actual phone. And it's pink! And the selfie stick looks like a magic wand covered with gold love hearts!

If you want to give your mobile life a magical transformation, only 10,000 Sailor Moon M8 phones will be sold when it launches mid-June in Hong Kong.

If you've read this far without pulling all the money from your Sailor Mercury purse to pay for the 2,999 yuan phone ($434, AU$588, £335), it might not be your style. May we instead suggest the Limited Edition Hello Kitty phone, also available in fairy-floss pink?

Sure, it's early days for Meitu in the smartphone space. But if they're all this kawaii, we're expecting great things.

Update, May 10 at 9:35 a.m. PT: Adds more on pricing and availability.

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