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This iPhone 11 case is completely edible

This case made of chocolate won't protect your phone, but if you're hungry it's perfect.

An iPhone case design often reflects your personality. Glittery phone cases mean you like to show off. Subtle leather covers suggest an air of sophistication. But all this DIY iPhone case does is show that its creator cares a lot more about eating than protecting his phone. 

YouTube baker and Food Network judge Matt Adlard posted an Instagram video all about his new 100% edible Apple iPhone 11 phone case.

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Don't get too excited about this beige-orange and white-speckled phone case. It's not shock resistant or heat proof. It doesn't even fit the phone perfectly.

"But it is 100% edible, so who cares about all those features anyway?" Adlard wrote on his Instagram.

Machine company Mayku sent Adlard a tabletop vacuum former called Formbox, which he used to form his phone in its case, and build a reusable chocolate mold to test.

In the video, Adlard sprayed the mold with cocoa butter and then created a chocolate shell.

"Given that thin shells of chocolate are pretty fragile, the feasibility of it fitting my phone perfectly was always flawed," Adlard wrote.

Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to see if the chocolate phone case ends up in Adlard's stomach after all.

Originally published Nov. 27.