Third Party Application: Evernote

One of my favorite desktop applications hasn't mastered the mobile format yet.

Joanne Fong

One of my favorite desktop applications is Evernote. It's a handy tool for clipping websites or partial web pages, making lists, keeping notes,and storing images which Evernote makes searchable. Evernote for Palm Pre was one of the first applications I downloaded from the App Catalog.

My experience so far has been disappointing. This isn't even version 1.0, however; it is version is 0.1.10, so I'll give them some slack for the lack of features. The main head-scratcher is the lack of zoom. Half of my notes in Evernote are images, either scans or pictures. I will scan business cards that people give me, and if I'm see a book I find interesting I'll take a picture as a reminder to look it up at the public library website. The problem I'm running into on the Palm Pre is that when I open the note that contains the image, I can't zoom, pan, or rotate to landscape. I can only see the top left portion of the image.

I can get around this problem by going to the mobile website, but I'm hoping Evernote updates the app soon as i would prefer to use this as my primary task management program on the Pre.