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Thicker iPad 3 coming March, 4-inch iPhone 5 in summer

A trusted source has leaked some tantalising info on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, as well as a slimmer MacBook Pro.

Well look at this. A source has dropped some Apple-flavoured rumours regarding the iPad 3, iPhone 5, and next-gen MacBook Pro. They're all due next year, and they all sound awesome.

The iPad 3 will actually be thicker than the second generation, reports iLounge, though only by 0.7mm. This is to make space for a dual light bar system, apparently, needed for the higher resolution screen. There's no word on how much higher the screen resolution will be, but the device is expected to touch down in March 2012, a year on from the iPad 2 launch. Bring it.

So, iPhone 5. Word from iLounge's "most reliable source" is it won't resemble the heavily-touted teardrop design. Though it will have a 4-inch screen, and be 8mm longer than the 4S. (With everyone else going 4-inches plus, it would make sense for Apple to jump aboard.) It's expected summer 2012, which would make it under a year from the 4S launch, not that we're complaining.

And then the MacBook Pro. The source seems to fan the flames of the rumour we brought you a while ago that a far slimmer Pro will hit shelves. Though the Pro line was refreshed last month, without any fanfare whatsoever. Again, it's sounding like a March release.

If this is all correct, it's going to be an expensive first half of the year.

Last week it emerged the iPhone 5 was finished but Apple decided at the last minute not to launch it. A source speaking to Business Insider claimed to have spent two weeks playing with a prototype version. We've heard talk of a March launch for the iPad 3 before, and it might come with a smaller connector, annoying anyone who's bought accessories for it, helpfully.

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