These iPhone 15, Apple Watch Features Can Actually Make Life Better

One More Thing: When deciding to upgrade, let's look at how Apple's new products can improve everyday life.

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Bridget Carey
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It's easy to get lost in a sea of impressive-sounding text with the news of Apple's new iPhone 15 models and watches:

The A17 Pro processor has a neural engine that's twice as fast, and ray tracing is four times faster! 

The iPhone 15's color-infused glass is made with metallic ions!

The iPhone 15 Pro's titanium is the same alloy used in spacecraft sent to Mars! 

The Apple Watch Series 9 CPU has 5.6 billion transistors!

It's fun for fans to see how Apple pushes technology forward every year, but there's only one thing that matters in these big September announcements: How useful are these devices in improving your quality of life to make it worth the purchase?

Watch this: Apple's New iPhones, Watches: My Favorite Features

In this week's episode of One More Thing, embedded above, I go over my favorite features announced that seem actually useful to our everyday lives.

It seems the Apple Watch Series 9 is making a big leap in solving problems by making Siri a more helpful assistant -- and a new chip lets you more precisely find other gadgets and family members in close range. These features are also in the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro cameras will also save time for photographers in a rush (like parents) by letting users adjust the focus after the photo has been taken. The larger 15 Pro Max will especially be tempting for users capturing moments from the bleachers with the phone's new 5x optical zoom. 

But we'll have to wait for the early reviews to come in before we see how these features work in the real world (beyond the polished, prerecorded Apple presentation). I'm personally eager to learn if the new Apple Watch Double Tap control feature is going to be a flex or a flop.