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The Witcher is taking on Pokemon Go because why not

You'll be able to thrust every elf far back on the shelf.

Ian Sherr Former Editor at Large / News
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Ian Sherr

Gotta slay them all?

Katalin Vermes/Netflix
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Get ready to throw more coins to your Witcher, this time with your smartphone.

CD Projekt Red, a Polish game developer known for its intricate fantasy adventure titles, announced the latest installment in its The Witcher series, this time focused on mobile devices. The upcoming title is called The Witcher: Monster Slayer, and it marks the company's take on augmented reality games, a genre popularized by Pokemon Go in 2016. This new game, which the company teased in a blog post and YouTube video, will follow a similar formula of asking players to walk around in the real world, finding monsters they can see on their phone's screen.

"You need to take up the mantle, become an elite monster slayer and rid the world of foul beasts," the company said in a statement. The game, which'll be free to download for Apple's iPhones and iPads , as well as devices powered by Google's Android software, is set "hundreds" of years before The Witcher video games and Netflix TV show.

CD Projekt Red said the game will be made available "soon."