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The Survivalists on Apple Arcade lets you test your skills on a deserted island

Monkey around with the new game today.

Anyone else really excited about the monkeys?

On Friday, Apple Arcade added The Survivalists, a new adventure game from Team17, the venerable British studio behind Worms and more recently Overcooked. It's a follow-up to the studio's previous game The Escapists. The Survivalists joins Apple Arcade's growing catalog of over 130 games

In The Survivalists, you find yourself shipwrecked on an island with no memory and scant resources. Find shelter and start crafting tools -- basic at first, but more complex the longer you play. Go it alone, or team up with other castaways on the island to go on adventures, and find and trade loot. 


The monkeys!


And what would an adventure be without a cute animal companion? Taming the island monkeys can be a big help in the game: Monkeys can help with building and keeping watch for predators as the environment changes from day to night.

The Survivalists reminded me of old 16-bit Sega Genesis games. This could be a fun game for kids and parents of an earlier gaming generation to share. 

Watch the trailer here: 

You can also check out the latest updates to these four games on Apple Arcade now:

Patterned added 110 new patterns and achievements, many in the Around the World collection, which highlights a set of custom-made patterns by select artists to showcase maps, landmarks and culture from a specific country or regions.

Super Mega Mini Party now has five new one-on-one mini games for players to compete in with each other around the world. Unlock new games by searching the island and adding them to their personal collection. There's also a new character, Ice Cream Man, and invite options to play with friends.

Rayman Mini has 20 new levels and a music mode.

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With the release of Apple Arcade, Apple entered the mobile gaming world a year ago. The subscription gaming service costs $5 a month (£5, AU$8) and lets you play more than 130 new and exclusive games across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV