The refrigerator: There's an App Magnet for that

Coolest...magnets...ever. Decorate your fridge, cubicle, metal door, or whatever with this awesome collection of iPhone-app magnets. A set of 18 runs just $12.99.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida

These real-world "apps" will keep the kids' artwork stuck to your fridge! Jailbreak Toys

A refrigerator is not a refrigerator without magnets. And a self-respecting iPhone/iPod Touch owner is not a self-respecting iPhone/iPod Touch owner without a set of Jailbreak Toys App Magnets.

I mean, how awesome are these things! They come in sets of 18 (one for each stock iPhone app, presumably) and sell for the reasonable-to-my-cheapskate-senses price of $12.99.

Shipping will run you another $5 or so, though if you order three sets you can get free shipping by applying coupon code 3forFREE at checkout. My advice: Grab a set for yourself, and stash the other two away for gift items.

I had just enough funds sitting in my PayPal account to cover my must-buy-now impulse. Only now I'm wishing I'd bought two more to stash away for gift items. Dangit.

Speaking of super-cool iPhone-inspired crafts, did you happen to see last week's iPhone stands made of forks and spoons? Alas, they're still out of stock, so the magnets will have to do for now.