The portable Konami

The portable Konami

Will Greenwald
2 min read
Metal Gear Solid 4 is the biggest game on the way from Konami, but that just means the company's making its games a lot tinier. Here are the big names Konami is bringing to the handheld scene.

Naked Snake is coming to the PSP in the first true Metal Gear Solid portable game, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. This title has the soon-to-be-Big Boss forming a squad of mercenaries in the events that lead up to his climactic battle with Solid Snake in the first Metal Gear. The stealth-action game will support online multiplayer, so gamers across the world can collect and trade their own unique squad members.

Hideo Kojima has his hands full this year. The famous developer is not only busy with Portable Ops for the PSP and Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 but is also bringing some of his unique sense of style to the Nintendo DS. Lunar Knights is a vampire-hunting action RPG from Kojima Productions, in which two young monster hunters must use the powers of day and night to fight evil. The game seems very similar in concept to Kojima's solar-powered GBA vampire-hunter series, Boktai. Lunar Knights is a new franchise for Konami, though, and won't need actual sunlight to work.

Konami just can't seem to get enough vampire-hunting action, so Castlevania: Portal of Ruin is also heading to the DS. This latest chapter in the vampire-hunter series takes place in WWII, where a mad artist raises Dracula's castle and opens portals to a variety of scary locations. This time, you can play as either the warrior David or the spellcaster Charlotte as you explore the evil castle inside and out.

The ever-creepy Silent Hill series is finally hitting the PSP with Silent Hill Origins. The horror game further explores Silent Hill as a hapless truck driver finds himself in the terrifying town. Silent Hill Origins has a unique feature that previous Silent Hill games don't have: movable furniture. Using the "barricade system," players can push around couches, shelves, and various other large objects to impede the progress of the ghastly monsters chasing them.

Also on the block for the PSP are the gothically cute sequel Death Jr. 2, the robot-fighting sequel Rengoku 2, the virtual reality robot-fighting sequel Coded Arms: Contagion, the side-scrolling arcade anthology Gradius Collection, the naval strategy game Steel Horizon, and the dating simulation Brooktown High Senior Year. All in all, Konami is showing some big attention to the little screen.