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The iPhone on the road, part 2: en route and in transit

The iPhone proves useful at alleviating boredom and improving connectivity

So this month I will have traveled more than 20,000 miles via plane, train and boats to various destinations and various time zones. The iPhone has proven adept and adaptable - so long as you activate the international roaming and data plans - which you have to do in person or via AT&T's operators before you leave the country - as my friend Max found out the hard way.

Anyway, upon landing at each airport the iPhone will find the applicable AT&T network or AT&T compatible network - oftentimes in seconds. But more importantly, as you taxi after landing (make sure you have your iPhone in an accessible location), it's nice to see text messages from friends and loved ones pop up, emails and voicemails too when you turn on the iPhone or switch off the "airplane mode."

What's also interesting is people asking, "oooh, is that an iPhone?"

Once inside the terminal it's great to have the WiFi search function, or, if you're cheap like me, I'm pleasantly surprised by the speed of the EDGE network as I read the news, check emails and do all those precious things to pass the layover time.