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The five best Nintendo DS games for iPhone

Is the iPhone/iPod Touch a better gaming platform than the DS? That's a debate for another day. In the meantime, here are five DS titles that have migrated to the App Store.

Cooking Mama for iPhone looks and plays just like the more expensive Nintendo DS version.

A few months ago my nine-year-old daughter was clamoring for a Nintendo DS. And by "clamoring" I mean following me around the house chanting, "Can-I-have-a-DS, Dad, can-I-have-a-DS, Dad?"

Long story short: I talked her into an iPod Touch instead. And why not? The Touch (and iPhone, natch) can do nearly everything a DS can, and then some.

More significantly, many of the same games my punkin wanted to play are available in the App Store (and for less money, I argued in my best Practical Dad voice). Here's a look at five popular DS titles you can play on an iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. Bust-a-Move The lollipop-colored clear-the-bubbles classic just made its App Store debut, complete with head-to-head competition via Bluetooth. DS price: $19.99*. App price: $4.99. (*The original Bust-a-Move has been discontinued. That price is for the newer, but similar, Space Bust-a-Move.)
  2. Civilization Revolution Though you probably remember the PC classic, the recently released Civilization Revolution for iPhone is actually a port of the eponymous DS game from last summer. DS price: $11.99. App price: $4.99.
  3. Cooking Mama I can't say I understand the appeal of this cooking simulator, but, oh, do the kids love it. DS price: $19.99. App price: $6.99.
  4. Need for Speed Undercover By most accounts, the DS version of this racing gem was a bust. But the iPhone/Touch version earned an incredible 4.5 stars from nearly 4,000 reviewers. DS price: $19.99. App price: $4.99.
  5. WordJong Mahjong meets Scrabble in this addictive tile game. DS price: $9.99. App price: $2.99.

Granted, there are lots of DS games that aren't available in the App Store--but the reverse is true as well. And how many free DS games have you seen lately? (Just sayin'.)

Know of any other DS gems that have made their way to the iPhone? Discuss 'em in the comments!