5 of the best package tracking apps for iOS

Looking for an easier way to track your packages from your iPhone? Here are the best apps to get the job done.

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Shopping online is not only convenient, it can often be a great way to find great deals (but not always). Keeping track of all the stuff you buy and when it will arrive can also become a chore.

Fortunately, package tracking apps for iOS are plentiful in the App Store. Here are five worth checking out.


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One of the best totally free options around is 17TRACK. It includes over 220 carriers and lets you add up to 10 tracking numbers at a time. It also offers push notifications for status changes, auto-detection of carriers and cloud sync between your devices, including desktop (by visiting 17track.net).

If you dig around in the settings, you can also find some deals and coupons for stores.

While 17TRACK is totally free to use, it does have in-app purchases that are solely for donation purposes. And there is a limit of tracking 40 packages simultaneously. To extend that limit, you'll have to visit the 17TRACK website and upgrade to a 100 tracking quota for $2.99 per month or 200 for $4.99 per month.


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Slice by Rakuten is another free option, but it's much more than just a package tracking application. Instead, it's an online shopping assistant that pulls double duty as a package tracker.

Within Slice, you can track price drops for items you want to purchase, find product recalls and find deals on products. If you link a payment method, you can also enable auto-refund, which will send you automatic refunds for products that have price drops after you've already purchased them.

The way you can allow Slice to automatically track your packages is by linking your email accounts. It then automatically pulls tracking numbers from emails in your inbox.


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Deliveries cuts all the frills and gets straight to the point. You main view when opening the app is a list of the current packages you're tracking with their estimated delivery dates. Tapping on any of them will open a detailed view including a map view that details when and where the package has been.

Like many package tracking apps now, Deliveries can automatically detect when you have a tracking number in your clipboard. One of the standout features, however, is the ability to automatically add package delivery dates to your calendar. 

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You can sync your tracked packages between devices with Deliveries, including with a separate Mac app. For syncing, you can choose between iCloud or Junecloud. Using Junecloud, you can also add packages to track directly from any web browser by going to junecloud.com/sync.

The Deliveries app is $4.99 in the iOS App Store, which will include an iPad and Apple Watch app. But you'll need to purchase a separate app for $4.99 for Mac.


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ParcelTrack is very similar to Deliveries in that it's great at the basics and has a no-frills interface. It's all about package tracking. There's also a Notification Center Widget that lets you quickly and easily track packages without unlocking your phone.

When you open the app with a tracking number in your clipboard, ParcelTrack will detect it and ask if you want to add and track it. You're also given a unique user ID with an inbox. You can forward shipment notifications from popular retailers to this address and have the tracking automatically added to your ParcelTrack account.

If you tap on any of the packages you're tracking, you'll see a detailed view with all status updates and a map view of the package's current location.

ParcelTrack is free to use, but if you want to unlock features like cross-platform sync, push notifications, a bar code scanner and more, you'll have to opt for a one-time $2.99 in-app purchase.


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Not to be confused with ParcelTrack, Parcel is another very straightforward package tracking app. It has an expandable map view, a counter for days until delivery and support for 320 carriers.

The Parcel app is also available for iPad and Apple Watch, and there is a Notification Center widget. It's free to download and use, but to unlock features like push notifications, web access and simultaneous tracking of more than three packages, you'll have to upgrade to a premium subscription for $2.99 per year.