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The apps of Windows Phone 7 (roundup)

We round up apps coming to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and why they're important for the platform's failure or success.

IMDb for Windows Phone 7
IMDb is one of the new apps coming to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

We've shown you the Windows Phone 7 hardware, but now it's time to look at some of the software behind Microsoft's launch of its new, bolder, braver operating system for mobile phones. (We list apps after the jump.)

Why are these apps significant? Two reasons. The first is that Microsoft has wiped the slate clean with Windows Phone 7, adding hardware and software specifications that require application developers to start from scratch. Without any backward compatibility for Windows Mobile 6.5 apps, the new WP7 Marketplace will need to fill up with apps in order to compete--and fast. A slim and saggy App Catalog is one factor that contributed to the rapid decline of Palm's WebOS phones.

The second reason we're keeping our eye on third-party apps is because Microsoft's Zune-like interface is brand new for mobile, and how each developer programs its apps within the design framework will have an effect on usability--and ultimately on how well users connect to their Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

Earlier today we gave you an exclusive peek at eBay, IMDb, and Fandango for Windows Phone 7. Last week, we checked out three music apps, as well as Twitter and other third-party projects.

We'll refresh the list of what we know is on its way, and we'll keep updating this article throughout the day as more news comes in. Feel free to e-mail me with additional tips, and add your thoughts to the comments below.