The Apple iPad: Will you buy one? (poll)

It's a simple question: Think you'll buy an iPad? Does it offer enough value over, say, a laptop or Netbook? If so, which model would you pick?

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The iPad is here. Where's your wallet: in your hand or in your pocket? Apple

Whew! Finally we can stop all the speculating and rumor-mongering. The Apple iPad is here, and it's an...interesting device, to say the least. Some folks are no doubt gaga over it, while others probably came away thinking, "That's it?!"

How about you? Think you'll pull the trigger on an iPad? If so, which of the six (!) available configurations will you choose?

If not, why not? Did the device not live up to your expectations? (You didn't really think it was part hoverboard, did you? Yeah, me too.)

Cast your vote in our poll, then hit the comments to discuss why you will or won't be buying an iPad--or whether the jury's still out.