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Text yourself thin with ToneFone weighted iPhone case

Some things you just can't make up.

Look how fit she got, just by using her iPhone as a dumbbell!
Look how fit she got, just by using her iPhone as a dumbbell! DesirableBody

Tired of flabby arms and weak wrists? Wish you had more to show for using your iPhone than just communication, entertainment, driving directions, restaurant recommendations, and casual hookups?

If only your iPhone looked like a dumbbell and was heavy like a dumbbell. Then, every time you picked it up, you'd be working out!

So goes the "logic" behind ToneFone, a product I swear I am not making up. Available through UK-based DesirableBody, the ToneFone is the "world's heaviest iPhone case."

No, really -- that's the tagline.

Designed to fit the iPhone 5 and 5S, the case is available in two versions: 1kg or 1.5kg (that's 2.2 or 3.3 pounds in American dumbbell). It's rubber-coated and constructed of "100 percent British steel."

I'm at something of a loss for words right now (because I can't stop laughing), so here's a description straight from the ToneFone product page:

It's simple: you get a text, you get fitter, your mum calls you, you get fitter, you check Facebook and you get fitter, even when you order a takeaway, you get fitter. You can take it with you anywhere, and every time you pick your phone up you'll be working out. Even the most basic movements will help you to improve your muscle strength and endurance.

It's genius! I mean, when you're chatting on the phone, there's nothing better than cradling several pounds between your head and shoulder. Sure, you'll need to invest in some reinforced cargo pants so you can take your phone with you, but that's what those big pockets are for, right? And let's just see a thief try to make off with your iPhone now!

I think my favorite part about all this is the fact that, apparently, DesirableBody can't keep the ToneFone in stock:

Update: Wow, that first batch went fast! We're sorry, but we've temporarily sold out. If you pre-order now you'll be first in line when the next batch arrives in April.

Dumbbells, indeed.

Wait, I get it: the Brits celebrate April Fool's Day in March. That explains it.

No? Huh. Well, here's your chance to finally combine texting and weightlifting. Quite possibly the best combination since this one.