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Temple Run on Android now, leaping over from iOS

Temple Run, the popular time-waster that was a big hit on iOS, has finally arrived on Android.

Temple Run, the popular iOS time-waster, has arrived on Android at last, bringing ape-evading, tree-leaping antics to those who prefer smart phones powered by Google's adorable green robot.

The game is free, and can be downloaded from Google Play, which is the new name for the good old Android Market.

Like all the best mobile games, Temple Run features a simple premise that makes good use of a smart phone or tablet's touchscreen abilities. You control one of seven characters (six of which must be unlocked using coins) that's legging it through the jungle, having nicked some treasure from a temple. Your character runs automatically, while swiping left or right on the screen makes it turn in either direction.

Swipe up or down on the screen to leap over or slide underneath obstacles, and along the way you'll be expected to nab coins, by tilting your device of choice to the left or right. You can then use those coins to enable and boost power-ups you encounter on the road.

If you're impatient and want more power-ups, you can spend actual real-life money to buy more coins with which to purchase power-ups and unlock characters. But everyone knows that's cheating, right?

Temple Run has been a big hit, with the Guardian reporting that the iOS version has enjoyed more than 45 million downloads. It's great to see a popular game making the jump to Android as well. With world-consuming online pictionary-em-up Draw Something also working on both iOS and Android, perhaps we're seeing some signs that the gaming app gap (try saying that quickly three times) between platforms may be closing.

Yesterday we reported that Angry Birds Space has hit the 10 million download mark in just three days. If you're not on board the mobile gaming boat, now may be the time to hop on deck.

Are you a Temple Run fan? Do you think Android has enough good games? Tell me in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.

Download link: Temple Run Android (free)