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Telstra knows what a girl wants

Girls are sexy made out of Pepsi, apparently, and for those who want to be sexier still Telstra has loaded up its mobile portal with fashion tips and celebrity gossip.

Natalie B never leaves home without her phone(Credit: Telstra)

STOP THE PRESSES — women think about fashion as many times a day as they think about sex, according to research reported by Marie Claire magazine. If some of our regular readers are having difficulty quantifying this figure, this means women think about fashion as often as you think about Halo Wars or about why that damned media streamer won't connect properly to your LAN.

With this startling revelation in mind, Telstra has stepped forward to give the girls exactly what they're craving: fashion tips and celeb gossip directly to their mobile phone handsets. Telstra has expanded its mobile portal, adding content provided by popular fashion and gossip rags, Marie Claire and WHO, plus fashion horoscopes and hot fashion bargains deliverable via SMS.

Telstra has also added a streaming video element to its offering. The first episode features brand ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte taking us behind the scenes of an exclusive photo shoot for Telstra. If you prefer conversations with like-minded fashionistas, then the Diva Chat service should be able to put you in touch with plenty of interested parties.

Telstra's Celebrity + Fashion content is available now to customers subscribed to Next G services.