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T-Mobile won't join the shared data party

The nation's fourth largest carrier is in no hurry to follow Verizon or AT&T by announcing shared date plans.

T-Mobile's challenger strategy will extend to data options. T-Mobile

Don't expect T-Mobile to follow Verizon and AT&T with shared data plans later this summer.

As the carrier sees it, not only do consumers not want them, but also shared options are "potentially confusing and expensive." A recent blog post from Senior VP of Marketing Andrew Sherrard advised that it will not be adopting the coming "one size fits all" model.

"Some of our competitors are backing away from simple, unlimited data and moving to family shared data plans," Sherrard wrote. "But would this approach actually deliver a better value to consumers? Do families really want to keep track of each others' data consumption? We don't think so."

Instead, the carrier will continue to offer traditional tiered plans for individuals plus the recently announced no-contract plans that provide up to 5GB of monthly data without commitment.

It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile holds on to this sentiment once Verizon and/or AT&T officially roll out their shared data plans. Will it counter with adjusted rate plans of its own or will it ultimately fall in line with the bigger players? Reading Sherrard's blog post, I get the sense that it won't make any changes anytime soon.