Looking for that next T-Mobile update? Check this website

A new online tool helps software enthusiasts keep an eye on their smartphone updates.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

T-Mobile offers insight into its Android updates with new tool. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET
T-Mobile customers who want to track the status of their Android software updates now have an official tool to help in the process.

Listed as part of T-Mobile's support pages, the new Software Updates page lists exactly which T-Mobile devices are expecting an Android update and when.

There are three phases to the update process. Stage 1, Manufacturer Development, is basically confirmation that both T-Mobile and the hardware maker have agreed on a new update. Stage 2, T-Mobile Testing, indicates that T-Mobile is certifying that all the new enhancements and fixes work as advertised.

The last stage, Complete, signals that a software update has been finalized and is available to smartphones or tablets. As of today, there are a number of T-Mobile products receiving or expected to see Android 5.0 Lollipop .

A few are in the early stages:

It's worth noting that the list appears to focus on higher-profile models; also, noticeably absent is any reference to LG or Sony products.

T-Mobile is certainly putting its money where its mouth is in its image of being a consumer ally. This level of transparency among a carrier is rare, and most welcome.