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T-Mobile turns to Huawei for next MyTouch smartphones

After jumping from HTC to LG, T-Mobile USA looks to Huawei for the next round of MyTouch smartphones.

T-Mobile looks to Huawei for the next iteration of MyTouch smartphones.

When it comes to the MyTouch series of Android smartphones, T-Mobile has developed a wandering eye.

After exclusively dating HTC for a number of years, the carrier briefly flirted a bit with LG for the current models. And now according to new details passed to Pocketnow, T-Mobile is looking to Huawei for the next round of MyTouch handsets.

The details thus far are somewhat scarce and essentially amount to conjecture, but we may have clues as to what these models look like. The display sizes should be around 4 inches and the Huawei phones may bear a striking resemblance to early MyTouch smartphones manufactured by HTC. Indeed, looking at the curved edges around the bottom, I am reminded of the MyTouch 3G and half expect to see a trackball.

There's no indication yet as to when we will see the U8680 and U8730 join T-Mobile's lineup but it doesn't appear to be too far off. According to a TmoNews report from early February, the LG models are listed as "sell through" meaning their days are numbered.