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T-Mobile to push Android 2.2 to MyTouch 3G

A long-awaited Froyo update for the original T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is expected to begin its release as early as today, breathing new life into an old handset.

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

T-Mobile and HTC are set to begin releasing a much-anticipated Android 2.2 update to their MyTouch 3G handset. According to information obtained by TmoNews, the carrier will start pushing Froyo out as early as today and continue through October 25.

You may recall T-Mobile's CTO, Cole Brodman, pledging to leave no phone behind as it pertains to its MyTouch series of phones. Coming shortly after the official announcement of Android 2.2, Brodman promised that each of the MyTouch branded handsets would be supported at least through Froyo.

As is the case with typical Android 2.2 updates, the MyTouch 3G will see improvements in Gmail and contacts, a fully integrated Exchange client, and, of course, support for Flash. Reading through the other details, one gets the sense that T-Mobile wants its signature line of phones to have a familiar feel. What's more, the addition of the Faves Gallery and updated home screen will likely mimic the experience of the MyTouch 3G Slide. Looking forward, the newly announced MyTouch also features the Faves Gallery in addition to the Genius button and custom-built HTC experience.

I should point out that the update is designed specifically for the original MyTouch 3G and not for the refreshed model with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The same goes for the Fender Edition and MyTouch 3G Slide--I wouldn't be surprised to see those models get their update with the release of the new MyTouch.