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T-Mobile stops taking Android phone orders

Between Tuesday and Saturday, T-Mobile went from offering the G1 Android phone to an apology that they're "temporarily unavailable."

T-Mobile G1
T-Mobile G1, the first phone powered by Google's Android software T-Mobile

It looks like T-Mobile customers trying to get one of the initial models of the first phones powered by Google's Android operating system will have to wait a bit longer.

"Sorry! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new T-Mobile G1, upgrades are temporarily unavailable. Please try again later," the T-Mobile pre-order page told people who tried to sign up for the phone on Saturday, according to the Android Guys blog.

The G1 phone, built by HTC, was announced Tuesday and goes on sale October 22. The price is $179.99 for those who sign up for a two-year contract with T-Moble.