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T-Mobile renames latest Android to Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

Expected to have arrived by now, the handset was formerly known as the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q

If anything, the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is a mouthful.

T-Mobile's next Android smartphone was allegedly supposed to have joined the carrier's lineup earlier this week. However, as we're learning today, the phone will not only get a new arrival date, but a new name as well. Goodbye wordy Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q! Say hello to the even wordier Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G.

The first sign of the name change came earlier this week when TmoNews was tipped to the somewhat sillier moniker. Maybe it's me, but I find it unnecessary to include the name of a series (Galaxy S) in every single release. Indeed, it's also a bit mundane to keep appending 4G to the end of everything. Then again, Samsung Relay sounds like an awful like a feature phone.

The specifications for the Android 4.0 handset are pretty much in line with previous reports and include a 1.5GHz processor, a 4-inch display, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and NFC support. Once rumored to feature a 720p HD display, it now looks to be something in the vicinity of 840x480 pixels.

There's no solid indication yet as to when we might see the new Samsung smartphone at T-Mobile, however this is exactly the type of device that arrives without much fanfare. I would not be surprised if the carrier spits out a simple press release advising that it is in stores a few days later.