T-Mobile makes U-turn on data cap cut

The reversal comes quickly after British consumer group Which? suggests that T-Mobile UK was breaking its own terms and conditions.

David Meyer Special to CNET News.com

T-Mobile UK has backtracked on its decision to drastically cut the mobile data use allowances for existing as well as new smartphone customers, following an explosion of public anger at the move.

Yesterday the operator said it will now only offer the reduced levels of data to new and upgrading customers, while existing customers will get the 1GB to 3GB they signed up for until their contracts run out.

The U-turn, announced yesterday afternoon, came shortly after the UK consumer group Which? said its legal team were of the opinion that T-Mobile was breaking its own terms and conditions by announcing the 'fair use' cap cut less than a month before it will come into force on February 1. The cut, which will mean an 83 percent reduction in the amount of data an Android user is supposed to use each month--from 3GB to 500MB--was only announced over the weekend.

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