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T-Mobile iPhones picking up Continuity over cellular with iOS 9

Some new software tucked into iOS 9 beta will let T-iPhones play with Apple's Continuity feature over T-Mobile's cellular network, not just over Wi-Fi.

Share Internet from your iPhone using Apple's Continuity feature for Mac and iPads.

T-Mobile's iPhone customers have one more goody to anticipate with the release of Apple's iOS 9 .

The carrier announced on Wednesday that Continuity will soon work on T-Mobile's cellular network. Introduced with iOS 8, Continuity -- a feature that can sync things such as Notes, Web pages and messages between iOS devices or a Mac (or between an iPhone and iPad) -- only worked on Wi-Fi networks.

For T-Mobile customers, that meant that anyone with the Wi-Fi Calling feature turned on couldn't simultaneously use Continuity (or Handoff) to switch among devices or field iPhone texts and calls from a larger screen.

As part of the expanded capabilities built into iOS 9, you should be able to carry on text conversations and calls on the iPad or Mac even if you're separated from your iPhone.

The feature will roll out widely to T-Mobile's iPhone and iPad owners when iOS 9 updates in the fall. If you manage to get your hands on the iOS 9 beta before then, though, you can start experimenting around.