T-Mobile expands its HSPA+ coverage

T-Mobile is widening its high-speed HSPA+ network to nearly 100 major metropolitan areas nationwide. It is also introducing a new webconnect USB laptop stick.

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Nicole Lee
T-Mobile's Rocket 2.0 USB laptop stick
T-Mobile's Rocket 2.0 USB laptop stick will take advantage of T-Mobile's burgeoning HSPA+ market. T-Mobile

T-Mobile has just announced plans to expand its HSPA+ coverage to include nearly 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2010. The carrier has traditionally been left behind in the high-speed data race, so it's good to see that loyal T-Mobile customers will be rewarded for their patience.

HSPA+ is currently available in nearly 50 markets, including Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Waco, Texas; Baltimore; Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La.; Birmingham, Ala; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio; Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Fla.; Greenville, S.C.; Honolulu; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis; and Wichita, Kan. It has also expanded coverage in other cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Any of T-Mobile's current 3G devices will benefit from these enhanced speeds, including its Rocket USB laptop stick. Speaking of which, T-Mobile is also introducing an updated version of that, dubbed the Rocket 2.0 USB laptop stick, which has a new rotating swivel form factor. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect will also take advantage of HSPA+.