T-Mobile CEO: The iPhone isn't everything

John Legere says the iPhone has been selling well, but it's not the only reason for the company's recent success.

Shara Tibken Former managing editor
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Shara Tibken
It isn't all about the iPhone, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said Wednesday, refuting claims that the company's recent success is entirely due to the Apple smartphone.

Legere, speaking during an event in New York, said the company has sold a lot of iPhones, but it's also attracting customers for other reasons. He noted that iPhones has made up 29 percent of sales -- or 39 percent in April when the carrier began selling the device.

"The iPhone isn't everything," he said.

Getting more handsets has been a pillar of T-Mobile's strategy lately. The company has been improving its product lineup and adding U.S. support for its devices in the last several months, including getting the iPhone on its network at long last. It previously sold many of its phones without subsidies, putting it at a sharp disadvantage to other carriers.

Legere noted that many people are leaving other carriers for T-Mobile -- including "droves" of people "fed up with AT&T." Also, he said the company's store traffic "is up virtually double."

"We're changing this business," Legere said. "We're going to redefine a stupid, broken, and arrogant industry."