T-Mobile breaks record for, um, texting while water-skiing

Commentary: To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Un-carrier gets unhinged.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Well, that was worth it, wasn't it?

T-Mobile; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

T-Mobile likes to be different.

In a different way from the way in which Apple was different, but different all the same.

So to honor Friday's arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and 9 Plus in its stores, the self-styled Un-carrier thought it would break a few records. 

No, not for Most Insults Aimed at Verizon in 24 Hours. Instead, here it is breaking the Guinness World Record for fastest text on a touchscreen phone while water-skiing.

Because, well, who wouldn't want to hold that record and crow about it?

Naturally, the often modest carrier decided to have the water-skier towed by a large pink blimp with a brand logo.

It doesn't seem easy to text while water-skiing. 

You must have excellent balance and a precarious sense of self-respect. 

Still, the gentleman here performed his task with aplomb. Before plunging into the water, that is.

But what's breaking one record when you can break two? 

So here we also had the world record for the greatest distance water-skied while being towed behind a blimp.

You mean someone's tried this before? I couldn't find evidence on the Guinness World Records site.

In this case, the water-skier is so confident that he performs tricks such as spinning around and leaping in the air. 

Which only leaves the question: Why didn't he write a poem on his phone while water-skiing, too? Maybe there's a world record for that.