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T-Mobile adds second Android app purchase option

T-Mobile Android customers now can add Android Market app purchases to their monthly carrier bill.

As promised, T-Mobile last night began rolling out a new billing option for Google Android users.

Customers of the nation's largest Android carrier now have an option to charge Android Market purchases directly to their monthly bills and bypass their credit cards and Google Checkout accounts. T-Mobile is the first carrier to offer a billing alternative, though Sprint has also committed to making a similar move.

As the update is considered "invisible," T-Mobile customers will not receive any notifications of a pending software update. Rather, you can access the new billing option by logging into the Android Market and making a purchase.

This update will roll out over the course of the next few weeks and should hit all handsets by the end of the year. Similar to Google Checkout, applications uninstalled within the first 24 hours after purchase will not show up on your T-Mobile bill.

For now, the only paid apps that can be applied to your monthly bill must be in U.S. currency. Titles priced in other currencies must be purchased using a credit card. According to the official T-Mobile Forum, they are working in conjunction with Google on a solution to convert these apps to U.S. dollars.