Sync your iPhone with Ubuntu Linux

Sync your iPhone with Ubuntu Linux

Ben Wilson

Mac OS X and Windows are no longer the only options for iPhone synchronization. As first noted by French iPhone blog Le blog iPhone, Ubuntu has posted a community document explaining how to wirelessly sync music with the iPhone (or iPod Touch) from within the Ubuntu 7.10 distro. The sync mechanism includes functions for editing and playing songs and playlists, and requires an iPhone that is enabled for third-party applications (jailbroken).

The instructions require that users install OpenSSH and the BSD Subsystem through Installer.app (as described in our guide), then add the "iPod convenience package" in Ubuntu from the Synaptic Package Manager. You can then mount the iPhone through the Ubuntu Terminal, or use the Amarok music playing software to synchronize media. The Ubuntu document also contains instructions for setting up passwordless access.

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