Swedish Carrier Reportedly Planning iPhone MMS App

Swedish Carrier Reportedly Planning iPhone MMS App

Ben Wilson

Our sister site, News.com, reports that Telia, Apple's carrier partner in Sweden, is planning to develop its own MMS (multimedia messaging service) application for the iPhone, according to a report from MacWorld Sweden.

According to the report: "The lack of MMS is perhaps one of the most common gripes about the missing features of the iPhone, second only to cut and paste. But instead of adding that function itself, or allowing a third-party developer to build it for the App Store, Apple is apparently going to let Telia enable MMS on its own."

A number of quasi-MMS alternatives have populated the App Store. Palringo, for instance, is an iPhone application that lets you connect to your instant messaging accounts from which you can send text, picture and voice instant messages from your iPhone. Picture messaging is not a true MMS replacement since the image you send is actually uploaded and stored on a Palringo server for approximately 10 days. Therefore the picture does not pop-up immediately on your chat friends screen. Instead, they receive a link to click that will let them see the picture. Not exactly what you?d expect, but significantly more convenient than the default MMS/URL mechanism on the iPhone that is essentially useless because of the lack of a copy/paste function.