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StyleTap's Palm emulator for iPhone will "require Apple's cooperation"

StyleTap's Palm emulator for iPhone will "require Apple's cooperation"

StyleTap has officially declared that it plans to debut a version of the StypeTap CrossPlatform environment to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing Palm OS applications to run on the devices. However, the developer may face a few hurdles in bringing the emulation environment to the AppStore.

StyleTap posted a video demo of StyleTap running Palm OS applications on an iPod Touch in February. You can see it below, or click here if you're currently on an iPhone or iPod Touch:

The company says availability of the product will be announced in early July 2008, including information regarding how it will be distributed and sold. The wording of Apple's iPhone software development agreement implies that no emulators will be allowed on the platform, seemingly barring StyleTap from pushing CrossPlatform through the AppStore. The company could instead circumvent Apple, releasing the environment as a jailbreak application, or obtain special approval from Apple. A post from a company representative reads:

"Because of the tremendous level of positive feedback we've received, we are making every effort to bring this to market, preferably through the official Apple distribution channels so that it is available to the broadest audience possible. In order to do this, we need some cooperation from Apple which is why we encourage anyone who is interested in seeing this happen to make their views known to Apple."

The company plans to attend the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, CA from June 9-13, 2008. They will be available to meet with mobile application developers interested in learning more about the StyleTap  CrossPlatform at that time.