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Study: Mobile use spreading into the home

Cellular services and applications designed primarily for offices are spilling into homes, according to a new IDC study.

Mobile services and applications designed primarily for business environments are spilling into homes, according to a new IDC study.

The study, released Tuesday, found that the spillover is increasing the use of mobile technology, as companies re-position business applications and services for the home. The mobile device users surveyed by IDC said 36 percent of their personal calls from home are made from a cell phone and their monthly expenditure on mobile phone service is higher than spending on either broadband, cable or satellite TV, or landline phone services.

The report said cellular device users also tend to be early adopters of new technologies and products, such as wireless service and flat-screen TV sets. The study is based on a recent survey of the 2,074 consumers and business people who make up IDC's Mobile Advisory Council.

Recent studies of American consumers have found that technology users are willing to shun traditional means of communication, such as landline telephony, in favor of wireless and Internet services. More people are beginning to use technologies such as Wi-Fi at home, rather than in offices or public places.

"Consumers who have adopted mobile solutions either within or outside of the home represent a unique segment to market next-generation technology and services to," said a statement from Randy Giusto, IDC's vice president of personal technologies and services. "The home is considered the next big thing, and understanding the usage patterns and buying intentions of consumers who are mobile is key to tapping a red-hot market segment."

The IDC survey found that a Wi-Fi connection is the most popular way for mobile consumers to connect to the Net. They use it largely for e-mail, news and Web surfing. In addition, 32 percent of respondents said they would prefer not to use instant messaging on their cellular device.