Straight Talk adds LG Optimus Q

The no-commitment carrier begins offering a second entry-level Android smartphone with the LG Optimus Q.

TracFone adds the second no-contract Android smartphone in the Optimus Q.

TracFone's Straight Talk service has added its second Android smartphone today, putting the LG Optimus Q on sale for $179.99.

The no-commitment price gives consumers an Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset with a 3.2-inch display and sliding QWERTY keyboard. Specifications are definitely on the low-end, however they are a slight step up from those of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent announced in August.

Additional details for the Optimus Q include a 3-megapixel camera, a 4GB MicroSD card, and support for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity. Like the Galaxy Precedent, the LG smartphone can be paired only with Straight Talk's $45 monthly plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, data, e-mail, and Web.

I'm a big fan of no-commitment Android offerings, even if the hardware typically skews towards entry-level devices. Hopefully we'll get more midrange and high-end products in 2012 as players like Boost Mobile and MetroPCS continue to grow their Android rosters.